SubSonic - The Zero Code DAL

SubSonic is a toolset that helps a website build itself. At it's core it's:
A Data Access Layer (DAL) builder that requires no code on your part, it builds itself at compile-time with a full object layer and strongly-typed collections
A complete utility toolset, complete with Rails-like scaffolding, migrations (DB Versioning), and code generators
A dynamic query tool, that lets you use SQL Server and the Enterprise Library without having to know SQL
An OR Mapper that extends to views and stored procedures so you're not locked into the OR/M thing View a 20 minute demo

Great architecture example...

FotoVision Desktop Application

Applies to:
Windows Forms
Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET 2003

The FotoVision sample allows you to easily share photos on the web and demonstrates a variety of .NET technologies including Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Web services, and the .NET Compact Framework. It consists of a desktop, web, and Pocket PC sample applications. This paper provides information so you can get the most from the FotoVision desktop application. The sample is written in VB.NET and the installation application installs pre-built binaries and source code for the desktop application. (16 printed pages)



Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005 is a free plug-in from Developer Express Inc., in partnership with Microsoft, that enables Visual Basic developers to simplify and re-structure source code inside of Visual Studio 2005, making it easier to read and less costly to maintain. Refactor! supports more than 15 individual refactoring features, including operations like Reorder Parameters, Extract Method, Encapsulate Field and Create Overload.


Good start for reusability code.
The Code Project - Patterns and Practices


Active Record - P of EAA: Active Record

Tool: Build solid n-tier .NET applications fast and easy

LLBLGen Pro: The leading O/R mapper - generator

VB.NET features
Greate tutorial from MSDN about VB.NET features.

Visual Basic 2005 - Language Overview


Good steps in aplication cycle

Here is another pictures from MS (Microsoft) that describes a good lifecycle of an aplication:

Aplication development players and roles

Good picture from Microsoft that describes all the element in aplication development:

Software Lifecycle Scenarios Tour

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Guided Tour

Reflector for .NET
Reflector is the class browser, explorer, analyzer and documentation viewer for .NET. Reflector allows to easily view, navigate, search, decompile and analyze .NET assemblies in C#, Visual Basic and IL.


Ok, this is the ultimate place to start learning the VSTS, from Introduction level to expert by videos.

Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite - Introduction

Here is a the VSTS home page, see the TRY section for downloading the 'Team Foundation Server' and the 'Team Suite' - for home use/learnings.
Visual Studio Team System

Here you can download and try the 'Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Trial Edition' in your home.

Download details: Team Foundation Server Trial Edition

Tags on Channel 9

Here is a good site with lots of links to the VSTS (Visual Studio Team System) video on 'Chanel 9'

Brian Keller: Technical Evangelist for Team System : New Tag for Discovering Team System Videos on Channel 9

Here you can see the features of the VSTS, and learn how to use them.

Here is a good place to start learning the Team System.

Here is a quote from the site, about the team system:
Visual Studio 2005 Team System is a productive, integrated, and extensible suite of lifecycle tools that expands the Visual Studio product line to enable greater communication and collaboration among software development teams. With Visual Studio 2005 Team System, organizations can ensure greater predictability and quality early and often throughout the development process. It also includes the Microsoft Solutions Framework, which provides a set of proven software development processes that help organizations deliver enterprise-ready solutions.

Learn Visual Studio Team System


Here is a good place to start learning VB.NET 2005.

Absolute Beginner’s Video Series

Here are some pictures:


Good place to start with - SQL Server Express
SQL Server Express - Easy to Use
SQL Server Management Studio Express

Good place to understand databases.

Video Series: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition for Beginners

Here are some pictures from the site:

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